Bespoke Tailoring Services

We at D.Vaish & Sons design from the scratch for a specific customer and not based on any pre-existing garment. We believe bespoke can provide a fit and style that is completely unlike the other custom options.

It is a much more involved process between the tailor and the customer, so it can only be performed with a bespoke artisan during a consultation.

Truly unique garments, made singly for an individual customer, building a good relationship with a trusted tailor is a pleasure.

Which Services to Choose ?

Schedule an appointment or drop in for an informal chat and we will guide you through the different choices. We are always happy to share our passion for bespoke tailoring and timeless style.
At D.Vaish & Sons Bespoke ,we offer several levels of bespoke tailoring to accommodate a variety of needs and budgets.
Pricing is determined by cloth selection as well as the level of hand-work that goes into each garment. Your choice of tailoring method is an integral part of your garment design and, as such, can vary from purchase to purchase.

Fully Bespoke

The term bespoke means “been spoken for” – so a collaboration between the client and the tailor would begin to make a bespoke garment entirely made to a client’s individual specifications.

Full Bespoke suits are the centrepiece of our tailoring, offered with a full floating canvas construction, basted fittings throughout the process and completely finished by hand. This is why our full-bespoke suits are at the forefront of what we do at D.Vaish & Sons.

The process of full bespoke tailoring produces a one-off, unique garment by measuring every inch of your physique to produce hand-cut and hand-drawn patterns. The arms, lining, button holes, finer details, cuffs and collar are all hand stitched to give flexibility and comfort.

Our Clients will commence by choosing their cloth from a wide selection of English and Italian woven fabrics and then look through a range of different styles and cuts to decide upon the most suitable.

Our bespoke suits will require 2-3 fittings and the process usually takes around 6-8 weeks.

The full bespoke service comes with a higher price tag for its involvement of highly skilled work which takes longer working hours.

Semi Bespoke

The initial appointment, again is a relaxed, guided selection process of cloth, trimmings, style and fit.

This is followed by an in-depth measuring session, allowing your tailor to fully understand your unique physique.

The process of semi bespoke uses half canvas on the chest and the front is glued with fusing.

You are invited back after 1-2 weeks to try on your garment for the first time which is half finished, the process usually take around 3-4 weeks.

If alterations are required, we invite you back for your final fitting to ensure complete satisfaction and fit.

The prices for this semi bespoke service is comparitively low as the process is quicker.