Three Generations

Welcome to D.Vaish & Sons , India’s leading bespoke tailor.

Umang Vaish belongs to the family of tailoring house which was established eight decades ago.

My grandfather openned doors to one of the first tailoring establishmnet of the city in Connaught Place, New Delhi in 1940s.

He was catering to aristocrats , diplomats and gentlemen from all walks of life.

His passion and dedication, inspired then by the British styling has transferred down to three generations.We are holding on to his legacy and carrying it forward with equal zeal making us one of the most experienced tailors in the country

Why Us

It is important to understand why you should choose us .

Our house style emphasises classic elegance and, of course, inspired by the British style. Our garments are extremely soft and comfortable with a natural soft shoulder.

We offer the traditional style in both fully bespoke and semi bespoke techniques of suit construction.

We alongwith our dedicated team of craftsmen and artisans, put their collective work to create the finest garments for our clients. We proudly admire and have love for our creations.

Umang’s discerning clientele are those looking for the exquisite quality and style.

All the garments are exceptionally cut using only the best fabrics which are well-tailored and finished with an edge to compliment the distinct personality of the wearer.