18 - July - 2016

The choice of the Elite

"While a place patronized by the generals of the army and ambassadors apart from others who find their way just by word of mouth again, is D.Vaish in the commercial part of Delhi, Connaught Place. Ask third-generation Umang Vaish as to what keeps the place going and he says, “Goodwill earned over all these years”. In 1943, one of his ancestors, he says was taken to England to learn the art of suit-making, after which he trained the tailors whose descendants continue working for the long-running shop. And just as well, as Umang says “a lot of styles like waistcoats and side vents have made a come-back and the tailors are just as well-equipped, if not better, to make them the way they should be.” According to Umang, the best suits can be seen in Western Europe and they try to imitate the ‘sleek’ look. The most popular fabric in their store is Raymond’s wool that ranges from anything between Rs 1,500 to Rs 15,000."

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