James, USA
James, USA
I have enjoyed the several suits that were made for me by D Vaish and son. I purchased several suits from D Vaish and son during my visit to Delhi, India. Back in the USA where I live; I get many compliments on my suits. Especially when I attend Church; where everyone wants to dress their best. Because D Vaish and son have my measurements on file; I am able to order outfits and have
Richard.Steadman., businessman, Texas
"I've worked with D. VAISH & SONS for almost ten years now; they've redone my entire closet ! I'm a generally demanding customer, but their good work keeps me coming back, for myself and other family members, as well !" - Richard.Steadman., businessman, Texas
Tom D. Maisel, President, Maisel Consult

"D.Vaish and Son's have been making custom suits and shirts for me for over 5 years. Not only do the they fit perfectly, but the style is contemporary and the quality of the material is superb. I am extremely pleased. People always stop me and compliment me on my suits. Thank you Umang for making me looks so good."

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